May 20, 2009


my lil fella has been a bit constipated lately. he used to go A LOT, i mean after every feeding just about. then it went to once a day...and now he goes sometimes a whole day up to 3 days without going. it totally doesn't bother him at all, however it bothers me. i know he's a growing boy and his body is changing, but i just wish he would go at least once a day. what's the norm for an infant? can any mommies lemme know?

well, i just got off the phone with my mom. she picks cayden up from the sitter once she's off. and tonya, his amazing babysitter told my mom he POOPED BiG today. a total blow out. all over him, his clothes and the swing. i feel bad that he did it at his babysitters, but i just hope he'll start being more consistent.

i miss him so much during the day. ughhh, still wish i could be a stay at home mommy. and by the way...he's 14 weeks old today.

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