June 4, 2009

no more spitting up.

babies spit up, right? well cayden has been spitting up SO much lately. completely soaking his burp cloths. is this normal? it doesn't bother him at all, but i am constantly doing laundry cus i run out of the burp cloths. well, it's gotten so bad lately that i called his pediatrician and got the okay to try a different formula. he's now on similac sensitive rs. we started it last night, i think at first it may have upset his tummy a bit. i guess i thought it was going to work instantly, silly me. today he seems to be doing much better. no spitting up with his morning bottle & his babysitter emailed me letting me know he's doing fine. only a lil bit of spit up with his 9 o'clock bottle. i'm so happy and relieved. now i just gotta find a place where i can get a BiG container. wish me luck.
my widdle guy as happy as can be.

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