December 29, 2009

Cayden's 1st Christmas

This year was Cayden's first Christmas and even though he's almost a year old...he didn't want any part of ripping off wrapping paper and getting to those presents. I think he had fun visiting with his cousins from El Paso though. It's a rare occasion when they come to visit. It was a good time though. He got the cutest pair of Vans from my sister-in-law and nephew. Along with a ton of toys, including the Elmo Encore Live that he seemed to enjoy in the store but now not so much. I've played with it more than he has.

Check out some pics of Cayden enjoying the Christmas Holiday.

What's this?!

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of 3 babies on the go?!


Cayden, me & my niece Alyssa.
Cayden with his cousins. Alyssa, Cayden, Gabriel & Jakob.
Cayden in his new swing!

Cayden with his daddy on Christmas.


joelle said...

looks like you two had a great Christmas!!

Brittany said...

So cute! It was Hallie's first Christmas too. Isn't it so fun to finally have a little one to share Christmas with?! Oh, and I just bought that blog header from a website and added the text in photoshop.