March 24, 2010


Last Thursday my cousins, Cayden and I went on a mini vacation to California. I absolutely love it there. We were outta the house by 5am and drove straight to SeaWorld. Cayden did so good on the ride. He loved looking at all the fishies! Did pretty good with the shows, but he hates to sit still. We left there at about 6 and checked into our hotel. After we got settled, we headed to my favorite place...Target, lol. I forgot my toothbrush and the kids needed swim suits.

Friday morning we got up and headed to Venice Beach. It was so nice and warm outside. Then outta nowhere the clouds came out and so did the wind. It was freezing. We all had to buy sweatshirts (that we couldn't return). A while later the sun came back out and it was warm again. Figures, right? Well we walked up and down Venice. I spent too much money on random stuff. Then we let the kids play on the beach. Cayden wasn't a fan of the freezing cold water, but he loved walking in the sand. =) After the beack we went to Jerry's Famous Deli in Marina Del Rey and it was SO delicious. I wish they had one here.

Saturday morning we went back to SeaWorld for another day of fun. After SeaWorld we went back to our hotel, rested, and then got ready for my birthday dinner. We met my cousin Kim and went to the most delicious place called Fuji. It was a tepanyaki place. SO so sooo good.

Sunday morning we got up loaded all our stuff, headed to breakfast, went to see some big ship then headed home. Longest drive of my life! I wish we were still there...

*It's not letting me upload pics right I'll try again later. :)

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