January 26, 2009

oh, what a dayyy.

On Sunday Christopher and I had an appointment to get pregnancy pictures done. We were actually gonna be early! As I got into the car, put my key into the ignition and turned it all I got was this clicking noise...ugh. There went my battery. I absolutely HATE cars. Especially my Ford Focus. I started stressing out, but thank God Chris' mom lives in the same apartment complex as us. So we just went and borrowed her car.

Luckily, we made it to our appointment on time. The pictures came out super cute and I can't wait to get them back. They'll be ready in a week and all the poses will be emailed to me (soon I hope).

After our photo sesh we had to go to Brakes Plus, but they were closed. That's the last place I got a battery at for my car and along with that battery is a 6 year warranty...it hasn't even been TWO years since they put that one in my car. Regardless, I had to get a new battery so we went to Checker's and got one for $75. The guy told me that the battery Brakes Plus put in never should have been put into my car to begin with and that's probably why it didn't last. UGHHHHH, mechanics frustrate me. So today after work my dad's gonna take my car and battery to Brakes Plus and give them a piece of his mind.

Once we finally got home, Christopher changed the battery....and the car started! YAYYY. He had to hurry and wash up `cus we had a 7:00 dinner to get to. We were only a half hour late. It was so good to see old faces.

Until next time...

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