November 5, 2009

Cayden's 1st Halloween

So last Saturday we celebrated Cayden's first halloween. As you all know, he was a lil dalmation! So so very cute. :) We spent the evening at my aunt Lane's house with some of the fam & friends. This picture above was taken pre-Halloween for a card I made. So by the time Halloween came, Cayden was so over wearing his costume. The costume is super warm...which would be nice if it was COOL here, but unfortunately it was 8O degrees on Halloween.
So here's Cayden, over the poofy dog costume. Lol, I know he'll like it much better next year...I hope so at least.

And here is me & my lil puppy, ♥. No words can truly say how much I loveeee him.

Yes, Cayden had an outfit change on Halloween. I love this pumpkin head and he loves his Grandma.

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