October 29, 2009

brrrr, it's COLD.

I'm so excited it's starting to cool off, FiNALLY. Even more excited about Cayden's winter wardrobe. Ha Ha. He is going to look so cute these upcoming months.

Yesterday he was able to wear this little French outfit that he got from my dads cousin who lives in France. When I say little, I mean this will be the only time he gets to wear it unfortunately.
But he SURE looks handsome!
(even the socks match)
Since it's super close to Halloween I figured Cayden should wear his, "I love my Mummy" onesie today. It was so chilly today I even put this cute little sweater over it! SO so many compliments on it.

I am SO stylish!
Loving the cool weather & can't wait for the Holidays. :)

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