September 12, 2009

the club.

The Gilbert Boys & Girls Club will always remain very special to me. I was a club kid at the age of 11, then an LIT by age 14 and then an actual employee by age 17. From the field trips, to skits & talent well as all the friendships I've made along the way, I was able to grow up.

The club is also the place I met Cayden's dad...12 years ago! Wow, I feel old. One day, Cayden will get the chance to go there. Until then though, he will just be a future member.

Thank You, Mindy for my very first club shirt.

1 comment:

MindyElias said...

I love love love this picture!!!!!!!! How adorable did he look today checking everything out!

SOOO glad you were able to come out and that I could visit with you (and watch those interesting dancers!) LOL!