September 10, 2009

play dates, ♥.

Yesterday, Cayden & I made our way out to Queen Creek to visit the Roit Fam. Love hanging out and watching our babes play together. Cayden was so fascinated by their carpet. I think he liked the feel & texture of it. Tylie wanted me to hold both her & Cayden, lol. There's no way I would survive with twins. Speaking of Ty, she just turned a year old & her and Cayden are about the same weight. Ha ha, it's so cute. Me & Tiff agreed they will be boyfriend and girlfriend one day. Talon loved the lil baby as he would call Cayden. Kept giving him hugs.
Here are some pics from our visit.Talon, Cayden & Tylie
Talon & Cayden watchin' cartoons.
Tylie & Cayden
(Cayden feeling the carpet)

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