October 3, 2009

1 Year Ago Today...

Chris and I found out whether we were having a lil boy or a lil girl...and as you know, we ended up with the most handsome lil fella in the WHOLE world. Here was our first glimpse of him and his precious little profile.

Surprisingly, when I had found out I was pregnant I was A LOT more further along then what we had thought. Chris and I had conceived right around the time he came back from overseas, sometime at the end of May. During the months of June & July I had what I thought were normal periods. In August when I didn't have one at all, I decided to take a pregnancy test and sure enough it was positive! On September 11th we had our first ultrasound and we were a bit shocked to see more than just a lil pea, it was a real baby. The doctor told us the conception dates and they didn't add up and he refused to listen to us. He pretty much told us, he was right and we were wrong. The next month (October 3rd) we went to another doctor for an ultrasound and she confirmed the due date we originally had was a bit off. The other doctor was WRONG & a jerk.

Now, a year later...Cayden is a week shy of EiGHT months old. I simply can't believe how big he's getting and how each month is just flying by. I truly believe all things happen for a reason, Cayden is my EVERYTHING.

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